Frequently Asked Questions at Psychological Investor

In hopes of answering a few of the most common questions without resorting to email, here’s a selection split into sections about the site and its content, on the one hand, and the site founder, on the other.

About Psychological Investor Content

Can I contribute an article to the site?
As with some of my other web projects, I do envision opening the site to new authors in the future, and I’ve set things up from the start to allow that as one possible development path — but the project isn’t quite to the stage of doing it just yet. But if you’ve written something really stellar and/or you have a strong interest and some background in this area, sure, give me a shout, and we can take a look at it together. This does not mean the door is open to junk articles that require just one teensy weensy little link to a spam site, or to infographics promoting your business.
Why does the disclosure that appears at the end of articles only say the author has an interest in a given company, rather than spelling it out — long, short, etc.?
The purpose of the disclosure is simply to inform readers when the author’s financial interests might be linked to one or more companies or securities mentioned in the article. It’s not to provide a customized breakdown of each long, short or delta neutral position.
Why do you write in US English on this site and UK English elsewhere?
Having lived in the UK for more than two decades, I normally write in British English, and that is what you’ll find in most of my articles on other sites. However, since I anticipate writing more often about US markets than others on this site, I have made an effort to return to US English for articles published here. Of course, most readers are intelligent enough to understand that British English is something different than simply Wrong American English, but Google is not so clever. Over the last couple of years, Google has bounced around wildly in terms of how it treats non-US spelling when returning results for US search terms. As a precaution against Google’s ongoing tantrums over spelling, and Google’s influence over who is allowed to find the site, I’ve tried to stick to US English, even though it no longer comes naturally.
Where did your unofficial logo come from?
The graphic portion of our unofficial logo was created by the talented Romanian illustrator Attila TorĂ³ and is used under license, copyright © TorĂ³.

About the Founder

Do you provide investment advisory services to individuals?
No, I am not a registered financial advisor and therefore do not provide financial advice to individuals.
Can you take a look at my business plan/slide pack/etc.?
Please note that I am no longer offering free consultation on Bitcoin-related business proposals. However, I like to learn about new things, I like to understand new business ideas, and I like to offer constructive feedback where it may be helpful to people trying to get a new business off the ground or looking to expand an existing one — so give me a shout via email, let me know the scope of what you’re up to, and we can go from there. If you’re looking for an actual consulting arrangement, rather than informal feedback, please get in touch via the Mulhauser Consulting website instead.

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